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Amp'd Cast is a bi-monthly Podcast released by the creators & musicians of The Amp'd Show. The podcast brings together various producers, singers, musicians,  bands and other creators from the music industry of the UAE to discuss their stories, achievements, struggles & hardships during their time in UAE. 

The concept is to have a real in-depth look in to the world of music in the UAE. Whats it like to be a full time musician? how hard is it to survive on music as a profession? how to record a song or an album? Does social media really matter? where are the gigs? how to score the big concerts and all that jazz is amongst a few questions that are answered. 

The show brings on established artists as well as up-coming artists to cater to the music community as a whole, in the end its for musicians by musicians. 

For more information contact play@theampdshow.com 

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